Nashville: Wrapped the real craziness begins (packing, renting, planning, scouting). But here's the recap:

The first week of the Nasville gig, I thought the job was going to eat me alive. I'd show up at 8am, grab a little breakfast and then pretty much be on my feet working until 6pm with an hour off for lunch.

(Yeah, poor me - but my body has accomodated itself to sitting in an office chair all day.)

But then by week two I picked up the rhythm and things began to fall into place.

We were still on a tight schedule, so we just did a couple rehearsals and a couple takes for each episode, but by Wednesday we were in the groove and I only had a four intros and one episode to shoot. I fired those off and spent the afternoon playing cards with the rest of the cast as they took turns shooting their individual cutaway segments.

Thursday was the final day of shooting and I had nothing on the schedule except hang out with the cast and crew. It was fun, but also bittersweet. We played some more cards, hung out at the local coffeeshop where I talked (way too much probably) about the business of acting, and topped the evening off with some genuine take-out BBQ from Hog Heaven next to the Parthenon in Centennial Park.

Yes, Nashville has an actual-size, fully-restored Parthenon.

Afterwards I hung out with my friends Mark and Marg. She was recovering from gallbladder surgery and resulting complications so unfortunately I did not get to spend as much quality time with them as I would have liked. (Although the ER of the Children's Hospital in Nashville is not as frightening or depressing as I would have pictured.) But if I'm lucky, some day I'll get to go back and shoot another installment of this series.

And that's the weird thing about this business: you never know how something is going to hit. You do it, and then it goes off into this nebulous process of post-production and then months and months later it hits the marketplace.

If the client decides they like the series, they would have to begin shooting any potential sequel stuff at about the time that the initial release is going to hit the church communities. So they have to make a decision without any feedback from the audience.

At any rate, that's something I have no control over. For now, I am proud that I was a part of this project. It's a great concept and one that I hope is highly successful.

And on top of it all, the cast and crew were terrific: not a diva or troublemaker among them. Nobody wants to just work. Everybody wants to work with cool people. So you have savor those times when it happens.

-Tom, who's waiting for the day a year from now when someone walks up to me and goes "Hey, Will!"

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