Over the Top

So, the stats continue to roll on Fear of Girls:

  • 327 people saved the link on del.icio.us
  • We broke the Top Ten most popular links over at Bloglines, coming in today at number nine.
  • Our hit count on Google Video has topped 320,000. (We racked up 140,000 Sunday and Monday alone after slashdot.org picked us up.)

Responses to my acting tend to fall into two camps:

  1. Man, that's over-the-top! Too much mugging!
  2. Hilarious! What's scary is I know guys just like this!
I actually agree more with the first camp than the second: I'm deliberately playing a caricature.

One of my friends said "I would like that video better if you weren't trying so hard to seem like a geek, Tom. To me, the fact that you are a highly esteemed dungeon master yet still have social skills and good hygiene is more intriguing."

And that is more intriguing. But I don't know that it's as funny.

The vast majority of gamers I know are also smart, funny, likable people with good hygiene. But that's not what FoG is about. It's a comedy about two losers who are trapped so deeply in their imaginary world that they can't relate to the real one.

I think the payoff for gamers who see it is that they have a glint of recognition ("Oh man, I've run into THAT guy at a con.") but they see the over-the-top stereotype and go "Heh. Yeah, that's not ME, that's for sure!"

And the good news is: it's not them.

-Tom, who's also run into that guy at a con.

I just saw this on slashdot and though I would check to see if you posted it.

Good luck in Hollywierd,

# Posted By Travis Dunbar | 2/1/06 4:27 PM
Hey Tom-
congrats on the "Fear of Girls" success. :) Here is part of the excited e-mail I recently received from my younger brother when I mentioned that I knew you. . . you have officially started slang on a national level. Sweet.

My Brother wrote:
Dude, he's the main guy!! the "elite gamemaster" XD His character says stuff that I'm pretty sure I've uttered at various points in my life...

Next time you see him, tell him that your brother and all his geek friends out in Seattle think he and Scott Jorgenson are hilarious, and that lingo from "Fear of Girls" has infiltrated the common parlance of the Anime Club & Genre Writing Club at the University of Washington. Here are two of the phrases we delight in using: "Okay, gimme a roll," and "Do you rue it!?"
# Posted By Hannah Kuhlmann | 2/6/06 5:34 PM
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