Wotta Bargain!

So, here's one of the cool things about living in L.A.: I went to the Upright Citizens' Brigade Theatre over on Franklin and for three dollars I saw a sketch/variety show called Human Giant that had some cool sketch stuff, a dude named Reggie Watts that did sort of a Drum Machine thing (although nowhere near as well developed), some other comics, AND a ten minute set by Patton Oswalt. All in a dinky little 99 seat theater.

And it turns out that the woman sitting next to me was also a stand-up and had a show on Oxygen last year.

That's one of the bizarre effects of living in a town built on TV and films.

-Tom, who figures the whole thing cost a nickel a minute.

you bastard
# Posted By Danger Dave | 3/30/06 12:07 PM
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