Good Visits

I'm back from a lot of travelling. (I have been gone for 13 of the last 23 days).

The good news is that sometimes I get to squeeze in a visit with some friends. The bad news is, I can't visit all of them.

This last trip to Minnesota I stayed with my buddy Pete and his family. Pete and his lovely wife have a four-year-old named Jack. He was all riled up to see me when I arrived on Wednesday night, but I was out later than his bed time and he was long since asleep by the time I got to his house.

When I got up the next morning, he was perched on the couch, watching TV in his pajamas. I gave him a little hug and muttered something but he wasn't feeling well so I left him be.

Later that day, Jack said to Pete, "Dad, this morning Tom came upstairs, and gave me a hug, and said 'How ya doing Champ?' and I thought to myself, this is just like the old days, just like the good days."

Now, I'm not sure how a four-year-old defines "old days" but I do know I've never had a bad time hanging out with Jack, so we won't argue about what the "good days" were.

It was all of 'em.

-Tom, who had to sneak out at 4am this morning without saying goodbye to catch a flight.

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