Photographic Evidence

That I am a geek. (Click for larger images.)

Ashanderai, LorrickAldus, 307Ale, Jaws9, and JediSoth play the one-shot Arcana Evolved scenario I wrote called If Memory Serves. The guy with his back to the camera is Invisble Hoser.

Our rag-tag bunch of heroes enters the Infinite Library and are beset upon by a witch priest, mageblade, some guards, and a pair of hound archons. And, while that may look like a delicious apple pie, it's actually the Goddess of Time bound up in a sphere of magical chains.

LorrickAldus, 307Ale, and Jaws9 contemplate the best way to enslave and destroy the Hanavere Trinity.

A scene from Tarondor's Wednesday night AE game, with Valmiras, Dr. Mrs. Miras, Monte & Sue Cook, and others.

Me and the guys from Fiery Dragon Press. NASCRAG sponsors, gamers, and just generally cool people.

NASCRAG, Round 1: Team Yoyodyne attempts to guess the word "noble" by watching the insane gesticulations of Dr. Elizabeth J Wood.

Dr. Elizabeth J Wood pauses to wonder if she is actually communicating or just gesticulating insanely. The look on her face tells you the answer.

NASCRAG, Round 2: Team Aberzombie & Lich, under the guidance of judge Parker Garlitz, attempts to contact Albus Bimblebore at Pigpimples Academy. Problem being: he's dead.

NASCRAG, Round 3: Team Yoyodyne/Fists of Love tromps through the Frostarche Casino on their way to breaking into a magical vault and destroying the powerful Transfer Nexus. Judge Kelly Taylor (played by Kevin Spacey) supervises the action.

NASCRAG judge Mike Collins is not the only one surprised to find that Tacoma is very suddenly and very prominently with child.

The friendly staff at Champp's tries to kill me with a nine-pound turkey sandwich. Luckily, I have a +3 broadsword and a stomach of holding.

Citadel Nerdentia: the 81-point, 23-tile, two-cathedral megalopolis I completed on the final turn with my final tile to WIN THE GAME! I think Carcassonne should be a competitive event on ESPN2. Screw the World Series of Poker!

Finally, if you think I am obsessed with my hobbies, just remember: one man's Dungeons & Dragons is another man's Dave Matthews Band.

-Tom, who will let you know when he gets up to 57 Gen Cons and counting.

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Sorry to have missed it. Here's to GC2009!!
# Posted By Glog | 8/20/07 6:51 PM
That city was such a beautiful screw job, gone so very wrong.
# Posted By epiplectic | 8/22/07 2:40 AM
Hey GenCon Roomie-
Want more photographic evidence?
I took shots from behind with the NASCRAGers laughing and cheering, just like you asked.Actual documentation that you were the comedian/MC standing on that chair!
I'll share, but first I must finsihing working on some other photos (to be published in a magazine; no, not DRAGON again.)
# Posted By Julianne | 8/22/07 1:58 PM
Thanks for the pics, Tom.

I look so serious.
# Posted By clay | 8/23/07 5:40 PM
very effective post
thanks for sharing
# Posted By prasanth | 12/12/18 10:13 PM
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