A month ago, my friend Cindi called me. She was looking to get familiar with her new HD camera and wanted to know if I had anything I wanted to shoot.

As I learned from Ghostbusters, the answer to that is YES.

And therefore I'm proud to unveil my latest project: Bill Cavalier, ADVENTURE COACH.

Check it out, share it, favorite it, rate it. Do all those quick but significant social media things if you are so inclined.

And there's more geeky deliciousness waiting for you over at the official website:

I want to give a big thanks to Cindi, Dave, John Frank, Blake, TC, Jane, Evan, Sarah, and Kevin for all their hard work. I had more fun than I had a right to.

And a special tip of the fedora to one Indy Cavalier for his good-natured sense of humor -- but more importantly: all the good times we've had gaming together.

-Tom, also known as Nan The Slink.

This video changed my life! I'm giving up all the extraneous roleplaying that was dragging down my gaming and I'm finally going to start gaining levels like a MAN.

Dave M. (Wally to Tom's Nan)
# Posted By Dave M. | 5/13/11 1:15 PM
Man, if only I knew where I could buy a Louis Vuitton wallet. And here I am with all this disposable income just laying around with no wallet...
# Posted By glog | 5/17/11 8:34 PM
Given the comments, this entry should be listed under "Shameless Plugs"
# Posted By Dave M. | 6/8/11 3:58 AM
Tom, can't you delete the spam from your blog? If not, maybe consider starting a WordPress blog and link to it. You can delete comments in WordPress. Your DungeonBastard site has some spam that also need deleting.

Now that that's out of the way, I want another Bill Cavalier video!
# Posted By | 6/17/11 12:44 PM
You got it, Dump Truck.
# Posted By Tom | 6/17/11 1:10 PM
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