Last November I got the privilege of showing up to the Paramount lot and working for two days on See Dad Run, starring Scott Baio.

To answer your questions:

  1. Yes, Scott Baio is cool in real life.
  2. No, I did not ask him about Charles in Charge, Happy Days, or Joanie Loves Chachi.
  3. Yes, those are my own clothes. DAPPER!

I really had a great time on set and it was a fun part. Not every job is like that.

You can check out the full episode at this link. My segment is around the 15:30 mark.

-Tom, who is either smugly inept or ineptly smug.

Consider Me Flattered

According to AdWeek, Bill Clinton recently gave a speech on creativity at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and mentioned his favorite commercial:

"My favorite ads in the United States are those ads encouraging people to switch from cable to DirecTV," he said, as the crowd laughed. "You have a problem. Something disastrous happens. You don't get along with your daughter. She winds up having an alternative lifestyle, marries a guy with too many tattoos. She ends up having a child who wears a dog collar. Now, you have a granddaughter with a dog collar. Switch to DirecTV. ... They're the most hilarious ads I've ever seen."
That's me, in this spot:

-Tom, who would like to note once again for the record that his job is weird.

Take Control of Your Life

Just a quick update on the career front: my episode of Eagleheart is now available online. It's a small -- but super fun -- costar part. I won't ruin it for you by posting a screenshot.

You can catch the relevant clip right here.

This show definitely has a dry, twisted sense of humor and I hope Adult Swim brings it back for another season. It was a blast to work on.

-Tom, who probably should have warned you.

Perfect Job

Last night NBC aired the episode I shot of Perfect Couples.

As I mentioned back in the fall, it was a real treat to work on this, and I had a great time on set.

You can catch the episode here on Hulu. (I appear late in the show, but you really can't appreciate the context if you fast forward.)

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

-Tom, who thinking of changing his name to Prince Awkward.

The Gate Is Good

"The gate is good" is old-school phrase used when wrapping a shot and last night I had the pleasure to shoot a scene for Perfect Couples. It's a new show in development for NBC and as such it hasn't been dropped into the schedule yet. It might be a mid-season replacement, it might be a winter lead-in -- that's for the Scheduling Barons to decide.

So I can't tell you when to watch, but rest assured, I will. You'll have to put your Patience Hat on, because this scene was for episode 10.

It was a great experience. The whole process was smooth, from the audition with Susie Farris (who cast my favorite comedy of the year) to getting on set and working with Kyle Bornheimer who was cool, approachable, and professional. The crew, from the director on down, made it a easy, welcoming environment to work in.

It always feels like that comes off as a bit of trite and shameless kowtowing, but for one: it's all true, and second: I know it's not always like that. And there's nothing tougher to do than to try to create comedy when people are uptight, don't get along, or are dealing with a hostile set.

So, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity. Hopefully there are more to follow.

-Tom, who has a Patience Hat that's a little snug, but it's better than wearing my Impatience Sweater, which is really itchy.

Victorious Once Again...

According to my best detective work -- and the online programming guides for both Nickelodeon and DIRECTV -- the episode I shot will air this Saturday night, October 2nd at 9:30/8:30 central.

It's called "The Great Ping Pong Scam" in case you need more information to set your DVR or consult your local listings.

I had a really great experience working on this show. I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it.

-Tom, who does not get to play ping pong in the actual episode. (Spoiler alert...?)


[UPDATE: It appears that this episode will air on Saturday, October 2nd. My apologies for the mix-up on dates.]

Hey, I'm back on your TV in a non-capitalist capacity. (Well, that's not strictly true, but it's a less overt capitalist capacity.)

Back in March I had the pleasure of working on Victorious, a new show on Nickelodeon.

Well, the TV elves have worked their magic, and I'm happy to say that it looks like my episode will debut this Saturday at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central.

It's called "The Great Ping Pong Scam" and I play a husband who's dining with his wife at a fine restaurant. Unless there's been some major editing, I tag the scene with a joke right before they cut to commercial.

Set your DVR to stun!

-Tom, who hopes there hasn't been any major e-

Iron Extra Redux

Iron Man 2 comes out today and even though I'm travelling in Europe and have intermittent time/wifi access, I couldn't help but think about the fact that eleven months ago I was busy working background on a key scene for Iron Man 2.

It's not glamorous work and it wasn't easy, but it was very, very interesting for what it was.

Check out:

-Tom, who doesn't expect to be recognizable, but is geeked about the movie nonetheless.

Piecing It Together

I just spent two days rehearsing and shooting a small but super fun part on the new Nickelodeon show Victorious.

There's a lot of firsts in this job: first sitcom, first kids' show, first broadcast AFTRA job. Most importantly: first time working in the studio that has been set up inside the Earl Carroll Theatre.

The place reeks of history -- most impressive is the still-preserved art deco lobby. Nothing makes you want to pick up a history of 40s Hollywood more than a stroll through the doors at 6230 Sunset.

It was a great gig (and you may not know it, but not all of them are -- mostly I don't blog about the non-so-great moments) and I really had a nice experience working with the cast and crew.

The series premieres this month, and assuming my bit doesn't get cut for time, you should be able to see it later this spring.

-Tom, off to go pick up a history of 40s Hollywood.

The Doctor Is IN... The Olympics

If you watched the Olympics on Sunday, there's a good chance you saw my latest spot. It's called "Stadium" and it's part of a big new campaign by GE Healthcare.


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