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Rising from the grave of my subconscious and shambling toward the bright light of your computer in an inexorable quest to eat your brain, these are...

...The Little Details.


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, It Will Be Downloaded

The writers' strike continues in its third week here in LA. As a show of support, yesterday I went to the Solidarity Rally in Hollywood.

Some photos and quick impressions follow after the jump:


Geek Squad Meets Mod Squad

Halloween is made for actors. It's the one holiday where we get to play whatever part we want to play. (As opposed to Arbor Day where your costume choices are really just limited to deciduous or coniferous.)

I've worn lots of elaborate costume pieces before (my German sheperd costume complete with tail, leash, prosthetic muzzle, six-foot wooden crook and Prussian pickelhaube helmet springs to mind) but this year I wanted to keep things simple.


Weekend Recap

Is my life inane? You be the judge:


And Then I Met Matt Damon

...or at least one of his more famous incarnations: the puppet in Team America:World Police. By that measure I also met Alec Baldwin. And several life-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

I spent most of the weekend working for a friend as a PA on the set of a new pilot presentation they shot over at an FX house in Burbank.


I Hope You Have A Smile

Those little details, they add up after a while.


Return of the Ukrainian Landlord

It's been a while since I've had an installment of The Little Details. Let me take a break from blathering about TV shows to get you caught up on the things you really care about -- i.e., my personal life.


Things You Learn In 372 Days

Uprooting your entire life and moving it to another coast teaches you a few things - both about yourself and your new hometown.

Let's review them in a semi-random, self-important manner, shall we?


New Year In Gear

Here in L.A. everyone skips town for the last two weeks of December. It's like the baby Jesus is a neutron bomb that hits L.A. once a year and clears the place out.

And then on the day after New Year's the grown-up Jesus resurrects everyone and makes them work on tv shows again.

I think he does just to see if they'll get it right this time.

I managed to head home over New Year's for an all-too-brief but satisfying trip. Here are some quick highlights:


The Many Little Details.

Hi, how ya doin'? Been a while hasn't it? Let's catch up:


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