Updated Reel

With the help of the fine fellows at Secret Handshake, I re-cut my reel to include my scene from Brothers & Sisters.

You can check it out on my Reel page or here on YouTube (I really recommend you click the HQ option, it looks MUCH better.)

Embedded, like everything else ever is, after the cut.


The Little Details Go Live

For those of you who need a more immediate and steady diet of the observational quackery that is The Little Details, you can now follow me on Twitter.

What, my parents ask, is Twitter? Basically it's The Little Details updated one bullet point at a time live from my phone. So instead of waiting a whole week, you can check in with me real-time.

If you're a Twitter user you can follow me @tomlommel.

If you're not, you can read the stream either here or here. No sign-in or membership required. :)

And don't worry, this will in no way replace or duplicate the regular Little Details entries.

-Tom, dispensing glib commentary 140 characters at a time.

Plastic Surgery

...takes time to heal.

It was long overdue, but the site upgrade is mostly done. I did a few things:


Time For A Facelift

An acting career is 75% marketing yourself, 20% auditioning, and 5% working in front of the camera. Especially here in L.A. where the competition is so fierce, hustling for work has to be a big priority.

So, in preparation of that, expect this site to get a redesign. Right now it's solely a dedicated blog. The blog will remain, but the main entry point needs to highlight my headshot, resume, and reel.

I did get a kick-ass reel put together by the guys at Planet Video so you should be able to enjoy that here soon. New headshots will most certainly be coming, I am overdue for those as well.

Just because you reach a milestone doesn't mean the journey's over.

-Tom, looking for a front man to replace Steve Perry.

A New Beginning...

Welcome to the re-launch of TomLommel.com.

Since I'll be leaving behind a big, wonderful group of very supportive friends and family, I figured what better way to keep everyone updated on what's happening in my life and career than starting a blog.

So stay tuned here for news, observations, and commentary. It's a lot like the Monday morning line-up on NPR, only I won't be taking your calls.

There's a big adventure beginning... don't touch that dial.

-Tom, who may be having a pledge drive later. I'm just warning you.

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