I Warned You

This Flash video may take a bit to load, but once it's done you will either succumb helplessly to paralyzing gales of laughter or turn to the nearest liquor cabinet to pour yourself a mind-eraser.

-Tom, who notes: sometimes your nerd friends get you in trouble.

By Its Cover

It's been a while since I've distilled for you the pure evil that is online casting, so here's a very special edition.

I'm going to burn through 50 casting calls and see how many horrible projects I can pick out by title alone. No pre-screening to make sure they're funny - we'll see if titling your project is any indication of its overall quality...


Where's My Apocalypse?

So we survived 6/6/6 - although a vengeful God did decide to reclaim Billy Preston, the "fifth Beatle". (Some sources indicate only Preston's garments were left behind.)

However: fear not, gentle readers, for the Apocalypse is alive and well in Hollywood!


Hollywood Is Dirty!

Tuesday already? Yes, indeed.

Wait, it's Wednesday. Darn holiday weekend.

This week we look at the seedy underbelly of Hollywood. Fortunately for us, Hollywood's seedy underbelly is more like a giant pair of sweaty man-boobs you can't look away from, no matter how hard you try.

If that didn't dissuade you, read on...


Worst of the Week!

Yes, it's time for more true Hollywood casting calls, culled from the veins of teh interwebs.

(I refuse to stop calling it teh interwebs. I 4m l337! U sux0r5!)

Ok, that was a joke that died four years ago... On with the snarkiness:


Worst of the Week!

As I've mentioned, 90% of the casting calls here in LA are now posted online. And although the casting services collect your personal information into a profile so they can target appropriate notices to you, every once in a while someone submits a broad casting call for some whacked-out project and the result is an inbox full of crazy.

Through the magic of the interwebs, I can share the absurdity with you. Let's take a look.


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