Behind the Fear

One of the guys involved in Fear of Girls, Terry Pounds, has started his own video documentary series, called Microscopic Life. His most recent episode was all about the history and making of Fear of Girls.

Terry interviews Ryan Wood the writer/director, Vanessa Miles our fantastic art director, as well as myself and the superlative Scott Jorgenson for a look at how the series came together and subsequently developed.

You can check it out here:


The Fear Is Here

Well, as of this writing, almost. But as of your reading, probably.

Thursday marks the launch of Fear of Girls 3, the story of two social outcasts who are SO far into their role-playing games they can't be bothered with, well... anything else.

You can catch it in three installments here on the YouTubes:

Chapter 1 · Chapter 2 · Chapter 3

If you are within driving distance of Minneapolis/St. Paul, there's a special premiere screening:

Riverview Theatre
3800 42nd Ave South
Minneapolis, MN
Dec 4th - 7pm / $10

All proceeds benefit that pillar of the Twin Cities film scene, The Minnesota Film and TV Board. They deserve some loving so go give them your bucks if you can. The line-up also features the work of my wonderful friends Jon Nowak, Andrew Hunt, and Jason Lausche. I sorely wish I was there, should be a great night.

They say never read your reviews, but in the nearly-three years Fear of Girls has been up on the web, we've garnered some doozies.

The best of comments after the cut:


New Releases

If my intermittent blogging style is not enough for you, I'm happy to announce two new ways you can enjoy The Lommel. (Yes, I just referred to myself in the third person. Hollywood adores quirks and pretension.)

First off, the much-anticipated Fear of Girls 3 will drop December 4th on the YouTubes.

If you can't wait that long, go out and purchase yourself a copy of Smackdown vs. RAW 2009 available now for the game system of your choice. I am honored to be the voice of the referee.

So, for those of you who have been fervently wondering what I would say if you whacked me in the solar plexus with a folding chair -- this one's for you.

-Tom, who is pretty sure he says some variant of "Hey! Knock it off!!"

The Fear Is Building...

The release of Fear of Girls 3 is drawing ever closer and to prove it, I've got not one but TWO teaser trailers for you...

Watch them after the cut!


These Aren't The Gamers You Are Looking For...

Can I tell you just how much I love Photoshopping pictures?

A lot:


Fear of Girls 3 Is In The Can

For those of you anticipating the further adventures of Doug and Ray, you'll be happy to hear that we wrapped up the next installment of Fear of Girls over the weekend. This time the boys decide to take their dedication to role-playing to a new level.

It was a great shoot with a super fun crew -- probably the hardest part will be cutting it all down to the barebones funny. Fortunately, that's not my job.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to get all the latest updates!

-Tom, who promises you won't have to wait a year for the next release.

The Dungeon Master Speaks

If you're out shopping at your local gaming store (or happen to swing by a better news stand) pick up the latest issue of Dragon magazine.

It just might feature someone you know.


Fear of Girls 2 : Behind the Scenes

The views keep rolling on Fear of Girls, Episode 2. If you haven't had a chance, be sure to digg it.

As a special treat this Friday, I've added some behind the scenes photos from the filming of Fear of Girls, Episode 2.

Check them out here!

-Tom, humbled to have played in the Ultimate Gaming Room.

Fear of Girls 2 UNLEASHED!

I teased you last week, and now it's finally here: the full Episode 2 of Fear of Girls in all 16 minutes of its glory.

It's also embedded after the jump.

And if you have not checked out the ten clips of deleted scenes and outtakes from Fear of Girls 1, treat yourself by clicking on over to the Fear of Girls YouTube channel.


Fear of Girls 2: The Trailer

After a long (and unforeseen) wait, the release of Fear of Girls: Episode 2 is imminent.

Check out the trailer here:

(Also embedded after the jump.)


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