A Word Of Inspiration

Hey, if you're out taking in a show at your local comedy theater (or happen to swing by a better news stand) pick up the latest issue of Space Work!, the magazine of improvisation.

It just might feature someone you know.


Thank God You're Still Watching

There's a new improv show on TV: Thank God You're Here.

The premise is fairly straightforward - you take a celeb, put them in a weird costume, and push them through a door and into a scene. The other actors on stage know exactly what the scenario is all about but the celebrity has to react and improvise with no preparation and no script.

I was excited about the idea, but I'm finding the actual execution lacking.


Starve A Blog, Feed A Fever

I'm back from the Chicago Improv Festival where I performed my one-man show Eddie Capshaw TONIGHT!

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Eddie Capshaw TONIGHT! is an improvised talk show like Letterman or Conan only instead of featuring celebrities, I interview members of the audience that I draw lottery-style from a pool of volunteers. It's a fun concept and I think it's presented in an original way.

I was the opener of a three-act line-up and the CIF Lounge was packed to standing-room only capacity. I felt bad that I had friends who came but couldn't get tickets. Sometimes I guess it's worth it to pay those mercenaries at TicketBastard.



So I played along in the midnight improv set at the Brave New Workshop last night and we opened with a Rant. (Basically, each performer does a short monologue and the other players tag in to cut the current bit.)

Now there are basically two styles of Rant. In one version, the performer takes on a distinct character and monologues as that character. It's sort of like a mini scene unto itself. In the other approach, the performer directly addresses the audience almost like they're doing a standup routine. They don't assume a character but relate a story or observation or make a glib comment.

I've done the former and it works for me, but the latter approach just destroys my confidence onstage.


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