Catching the Corner

Everyone's racing to turn the internet into their own private TV network. (Or maybe they're all just trying to catch up with the powerhouse distribution model created by BitTorrent and YouTube.)

At any rate, my buddies at Sleepyeye Films (the gents who brought you Paper Hearts) are taking advantage of this rush for content by participating in the New York TV Festival.

Contestants videotape a pitch for an original TV show and the top fifty are put to a public vote to see who goes on to the final round for a live pitch event and a chance to get their show made into a pilot for the Independent Film Channel.

However, voting lasts ONE DAY ONLY for each set of contestants - and today is the day for Sleepy Eye!

So I encourage you to help them out by going to and voting for their project. It's called "Vote-A-Flix" and it's kind of like a cross between Project Greenlight, American Idol and Who's Line Is It Anyway?

And it involves foul-mouthed puppets.

How can you NOT vote for that?

-Tom, professional puppet.

Your TV Is Redundant

Hey, it's Tuesday and I'm in a good mood so I thought I would share a treat with you and try to 'pay it forward'.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I crush a small piece of your soul with that horrible cliche? Allow an attempt at recompense.

I'm happy to announce that Paper Hearts is now on Google Video. The guys from Sleepy Eye rolled the dice to cast me as the lead in this and I think we're all happy with how it turned out.

The whole thing was made as part of the 48-hour film festival in which you are assigned a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and a random genre for a short film which you then have 48 hours to script, shoot, and edit.

We were featured in the best of the fest, and apart from the gimmicky nature of the process I think the final result stands up on its own as a fun piece of entertainment.


-Tom, who encourages you to check out Revolver and Say Nothing while you're there.

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