Consider Me Flattered

According to AdWeek, Bill Clinton recently gave a speech on creativity at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes and mentioned his favorite commercial:

"My favorite ads in the United States are those ads encouraging people to switch from cable to DirecTV," he said, as the crowd laughed. "You have a problem. Something disastrous happens. You don't get along with your daughter. She winds up having an alternative lifestyle, marries a guy with too many tattoos. She ends up having a child who wears a dog collar. Now, you have a granddaughter with a dog collar. Switch to DirecTV. ... They're the most hilarious ads I've ever seen."
That's me, in this spot:

-Tom, who would like to note once again for the record that his job is weird.

Object Lessons In Improvised Failure

Today I went on a commercial audition that required "strong improv."

My scene partner totally bombed.

Let's talk about why.


The Doctor Is IN... The Olympics

If you watched the Olympics on Sunday, there's a good chance you saw my latest spot. It's called "Stadium" and it's part of a big new campaign by GE Healthcare.


Blowin' It Up, KA-POW!

Cauc. Male Hero, Joel Hermann, 32-38, Everyman, Real with character, Maybe a bit Midwestern, a bit vanilla, all shapes and sizes. He is oblivious to what is cool, and what is not. It's like he's from another planet...Really Great Comedic timing.

Once in a while, a gig comes along you are perfect for.

Last October, this was the gig.


Reel People

The other day, gadget blog Gizmodo (of which I am generally a fan) got their knickers in a twist over the fact that one of the people in a recent "I'm A PC" spots from Microsoft was -- GASP! -- an actress!!

I'm a little galled at the breathless way this was reported. (For a bunch of snarky tech bloggers they seem PAINFULLY naive.) I'm also a bit perturbed at the way the actress' website was flayed open for the public.


Start Planning Your Friday Night...

Last spring I shot a promo for TV Land's new PRIME line-up, which launched this past fall.

Now someone has finally uploaded the spot to YouTube:

Embedded, of course, after the cut.


As Promised

So here's some fun news: I spent all day Wednesday in my pajamas.

"Now, Tom," you might ask, "how is that different than any OTHER day of the week?" Then you would give a self-satisfied smirk and I would go "HEY-O!" and we'd get down to the real business.

And the real business is this: I shot a promo for the cable channel TV Land on Wednesday.

I probably shouldn't say too much more about it until they actually release it (who knows what the edit will be like anyway) but the gist is that a couple is getting ready for a VERY SPECIAL night... of watching TV Land.

It was a fun spot to shoot and will be a great piece of tape for me. They are scheduled to start airing it on June 4th, so expect more details then.

-Tom, burnin' up basic cable.

What Happens In Nashville...

Will be videotaped, edited into five-minute segments and distributed monthly on DVD to Sunday School classrooms around the country.



-Tom, who hopes he doesn't have to explain.

That's A Wrap

According to the producer at the ad agency, my new spot for Vonage should be airing soon. Drop a line if you see it. It was a really fun commercial to shoot and I think it will be memorable.

You can take a look behind the scenes over here.

-Tom, who is not available to rent for parties.

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